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The rural india vidyamandir (RIV) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the interests of schools and educators in rural and sparsely-populated areas of india.The RIV is a membership organization that operates as a tax-exempt, non-profit entity.
since Right to Education is the primary right of every citizen of India, whether a child resides in a high profile society or in a far away not so developed secluded village.so,it implies to all students, irrespective of caste, creed, location or sex, have access to education of a comparable quality. It also accord priority for improvement of the standard of education at all levels for children living in rural areas.
The main objectives of ruralindiavidyamandir(RIV) is to ensure that every child in rural India receives quality education through computers which prepares them to compete in the competitive global environment.
In rural areas Children have to walk miles to reach their school so we have plan this online education which will help rural children to learn computers from the very first phase that to free of cost so that they don't lack behind the urbans in any respect.
Many indirect benefits of a online education system in rural areas include poverty reduction, disease control,migration to urban areas in reduced, enhanced employment opportunities and increasing rate of literacy.